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:icontinoplz: I am a basemaker and a editer of dolls/bases. If you don't like that then please leave now. But if you like this kind of stuff then come look at them. But do not worry, I also draw! :la:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Tamara | Tammy | Tamzers | MBR | Sleepyhead
23 | 12th of February | Aquarius
Female | Netherlands
Digital | Traditional | Bases
2DS-FC: 2380-6689-8416
<3: Role-Playing | Drawing | Writing | Listening to music | Talking to friends
</3: Bad weather | Fights | people yelling at me | Being bored


My bff's~ :iconboomsaint: :iconseptemberice: :iconveilody: :iconscootie-chan: :iconblackbutlerlover72:
Yeah, tagged again xD

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Tagged by :iconblackbutlerlover72:

With my lovely, Yulian -> .: Yulian :. by Miss-Black-Rose18

1. I adopted Yulian almost a year ago, but I just recently (This and previous month) start to actually use him.. ;W;

2. He's been bullied quite a lot at his school, though after his bf showed up. The bullying slowly stops after a while, he still gets teased though but that's all.

3. He has a few old scars, most of them are from his childhood which he doesn't remember how he got them. But has also a few from being clumsy with a knife while cutting vegetables.

4. He really really loves dogs, but isn't allowed to have them since he's allergic for them.

5. Yulian spends most of his time in his room, drawing or playing a few games. Though doesn't mind going out on a date with his bf.

6. His birthday is on the 10th of August

7. Yulian really likes spicy food, though doesn't mind sweet food either. Though he rather have spicy instead.. He dislikes sour food or candy.

8. When he is older, he hopes to get a job that involves with children. Since he simply loves them.


Second tag by :iconveilody:

With my male-self, Thomas~ -> .: Thomas :. by Miss-Black-Rose18

1. Thomas was made because I didn't liked my previous male-self which I had made years ago.. That and Thomas resembles me so much more, though not everything.. But most of them ^^

2. He loves hanging out with his two best friends, Shane & Tony 'Seriously guys?! Get back here!' by Miss-Black-Rose18. Even though they can be quite the problem sometimes. He sees them as his younger brothers and tries to keep them out of trouble, though notices sometimes that they are getting sick of that and so let's them do whatever they want though will warn them in the end.

3. Even though he looks like it, he is not a 'Seme'. Most people mistake him for it because of his looks and attitude/personality sometimes. Though, he will not try to change their mind, since he really doesn't really care if they think if he's a 'seme' or a 'uke', besides, he swings both ways. If he had to choose between having a friendship or a relationship, he will currently prefer a friendship over a relationship. Which why he doesn't bother trying to change people's thoughts about him. Thinking that he knows himself the best than any other person out there.

4. Thomas can be anti-social sometimes, which is why he has only 2 friends at the moment.

5.He can be quite the snuggle-bug when you get to know him, especially when he's very tired. He'll hug and cuddle anything or anyone that is close to him. And end up falling asleep xD He is often seen being hugged by his friends. But he doesn't mind it, infact it makes him feel happy and loved by his friends, but he doesn't tell them that. He doesn't want to get teased.

6. Currently thinking about getting a tattoo, but he isn't sure yet.

7. Thomas really dislikes spiders, they don't get along at all. Though, it is funny since his father has a huge fear of spiders. So Thomas thinks that, that would be a big reason of him not liking spiders.

8. He really hates to go shopping, especially for clothes.. And to make it worse, he absolutely hates it when his mom comes along to help him with it! He can get very annoyed and pissed about it, getting the feeling that he's being treated as if he was some kind of toddler again.

Tagging ( And I swear that this is the last time! XD Since I don't know who else to tag after this ;~; )

:iconveilody: With Maximillian~! [Gift] Brown and Golden by Veilody

:iconblackbutlerlover72: with Sega~ Sega by BlackButlerLover72

:icon23-ziz-23: with Grim~ OC character - Grim by 23-ZiZ-23

:iconellie97x3: With Vicky~ .:D.R.E.A.M.I.N.G::. by Ellie97x3

:iconseptemberice: with Hisao~ Tired by septemberice
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